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Larry Brooks
Healthy Homes Department
Including the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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Health Services

Millions of tons of lead are in our communities from past pollution; mostly in paint in houses constructed prior to 1978 and from lead fumes deposited (from leaded gasoline) onto residential properties near high-use roads and freeways.

Poor children living in old houses in urban areas are at the highest risk for lead poisoning in our community because they often live in apartments or houses that are not well maintained - there is more chipping and peeling paint, as well as lead contaminated soil from auto emissions and deteriorating paint.

Middle and upper income children are not, however, exempt from lead poisoning and are at significant risk of lead poisoning if unsafe renovation/remodeling projects are performed on old homes where they live.

Community Education Activities

Community education activities and events are provided to increase the level of awareness about lead poisoning and to advocate for families to have their children, who may be at risk, screened for lead poisoning. Our staff provide, attend, and encourage community events for organizations and agencies that may include parent groups, schools, neighborhood groups, or special events.

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