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Healthy Homes Department
Including the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


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Healthy Eating Can Help Protect Your Child From Lead Poisoning!

It's harder for lead to get into the blood when your child eats:

  • Regular meals and snacks
  • Foods high in calcium
  • Foods high in iron

Serve your child food at regular times during the day:

Sample Menu

Picture of grapes.

milk, dry cereal, orange juice

whole wheat crackers,applesauce

tuna sandwich, banana, carrot stick, milk

graham crackers, yogurt

lean hamburger patty, noodles, broccoli, bread, milk

Remember:  younger children need smaller servings

Picture of brocoli.

Serve plenty of these foods:

Foods High in Calcium
for strong bones and teeth

  • milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, tofu, corn tortillas, sardines, dark green leafy vegetables

Foods High in Iron
for strong blood

  • lean meats, chicken, dried beans, cereal with iron, dark green leafy vegetables,dried fruit

Picture of brocoli.

Give your child these foods every day:

5 Fruits Vegetables
or more servings

7 Breads, Cereals & Grains
or more servings

2 Milk Products
or more servings
Daily total: 16 oz. (whole milk until age 2)

2 Protein Foods
Daily total: 3-4 oz.

To help your child have a healthy weight, serve high fat foods less often:

  fried foods

  ice cream
  snack crackers

Eating less fat may help protect your child from lead poisoning, too.

Click here for additional information from the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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